How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


The Holidays are coming up and I’m sure everyone’s getting busy… schedules are changing, less time for working out probably? And a loooooot of scheduled get-togethers that involve food. You’re probably also receiving cupcakes, chocolate and goodies that are starting to build up in your pantry! So how do we avoid gaining holiday pounds?

Here are some tips to keep you on track!


Of course it’s the holidays, you’re gonna receive or be served a lot of sugary goodies! Cake, candy, chocolate, cupcakes… pastries? cookies! You should enjoy yourself and have a taste, but if you can see the abundance in variety ask someone who half a piece with you OR make sure you have just one! This way you’ll have room to taste several other goodies without consuming too much!


You’ve been coming in to workout the entire year haven’t you? The boxes are open up until December 24– Join the Noche Buena WOD! This will definitely boost your metabolism just in time for all the feasting!

After Christmas, we’re opening up on the 26th-30th before the coming feasts and parties for the new year! So there’s really no reason you can’t keep those abs intact!


You’ll be going to parties with friends and family, so no doubt there will be drinking… BUT! You must control your consumption. Alcoholic beverages contain a high amount of sugar that goes straight to your belly! And in the case you had too much? Sweat it out in the box!

Happy Holidays, box mates! See you all at our Annual CFMNL Christmas Party- Mad Holidaze 2016 tomorrow night, November 29 at the Manila Polo Club!!! Put on your Maddest Hat and let’s PARTYYYYYYY!!!