All in the Community


While this is not an account on how I conquered the grueling qualifier workouts, or the number of times I red-lined at the NKITB finals, being part of the cheering crowd—the support system, more accurately—is a story that needs to be shared.

My WOD-mates at Beastwood came to win. I, on the other hand, came to be one with the whole community.
Because here’s the thing about CrossFit—we don’t get into it on our own.
For every pull on the bar, there’s a push of motivation we give to our fellow athletes. For every 1 RM achieved, we gain a new PR in the relationships we choose to build. For every heavy lift, we raise not only the confidence we have in ourselves—but the assurance that there will always be someone to fight with us, win or lose.
Maybe we all come together at these throwdowns because we understand how painful the WODs are. We probably show up because the energy challenges us to finally learn how to do a muscle-up. Most likely, we haul our Amazona limbs just because our crushes (always plural, yes) are there too. But to say we’re not there for the community is like saying we don’t clean up after every workout—because in case we don’t, everyone’s gonna make us want to do it, over and over again.
And that’s the thing about CrossFit. We don’t get into it to win games—we get into it to win in life.