I’ve been overweight since Day 1 of my existence here on earth, that I’ve gotten used to hearing bad jokes and unsuitable comments and bullying.  I realized that I have to take care of myself and so I started boxing and running and I lost a lot weight! –from 185 down to 130. I thought these activities would be stable until I started my career life and lost everything: the passion, the time, and all efforts to work out. I forgot myself again, struggling to get back in shape like I was before. Then a friend invited me to try CrossFit! At first I wasn’t a fan of lifting weights, but since it’s in my personality to explore and try different things, I signed up for a trial. How was the feeling of the first-timer? To be honest? It killed me and took me 2 weeks to recover and unluckily, my knee injury triggered again. So I decided to stop and it took me months of finding and deciding what to do and how to start.

One day while browsing the net, I came across this video on YouTube. It was a Bootcamp video from Coach Mina in CFMNL – Alabang. I decided to inquire and book a trial. I went there, excited but at the same time super nervous because I knew that there would be these fit people that will surely intimidate me. I was observing the people inside the box and I told myself that “Yes, this will be the community that I want to join” Why? God! They are all so strong and very inspiring that up to now, I am still with them, getting stronger each and every day I do WODs with them. They will really push you to your limit! You say you are scared? Don’t worry, they will cheer you up until you hit your PR! You say you are done? Nope, they won’t allow you to quit, they will help you until you get to the finish line.

I learn a lot from this community. It will not just make you physically strong but emotionally and spiritually strong too! CrossFit is my cure to everything and this is how I’ve regained my fitness.

-Frances “Nikki” Del Rosario, CFMNL Alabang