Why I Love CrossFit


I started doing Crossfit 2 years ago. One of the reasons why I did was because I liked to take fitness to the next level. The thing that I love about it is you can always set a goal where you can take it to the next level.

After a year of doing Crossfit, I was diagnosed with a torn cartilage on my right knee. It took me 2 months of physical therapy but I never stopped. I continued to attend classes, doing modifications on some of the movements.
When I joined Crossfit Kapitolyo last year in November, I started doing the normal movements again. With the guidance and encouragement from the coaches and my box mates, I started to become comfortable and confident with myself again.
Then I started to become busy with my job. It became challenging for me to do the WoDs. I thought I needed an anchor that will serve as my motivation. With the encouragement of the coaches and my box mates, I signed up for NKITB, my first competition in Crossfit.
The qualifiers became my motivation to come to the box, even if it’s just once a week. Since the qualifiers are similar with the Crossfit Open, the internet became my source for tips on mobility, warm up and rep scheme. It helped me become mentally prepared for the qualifier WoDs. But the biggest motivation came from the coaches and the box mates who guided me and cheered for me as it pushed me to give my best shot.  When the finalists were announced, I was delighted to find out that I made it to the top 5.
On the finals day, I decided to come early so that I can cheer my other box mates who are competing for the qualifying WoDs. At CrossfitMNL MOA, the atmosphere was really different – everyone’s energy was high and I really felt a strong sense of community, as people came to cheer for their box’s representatives.
I started to get nervous when the newbie females were called for briefing. Good thing my fellow competitors were friendly so it helped me feel relaxed. As the final WoD was about to start, I told myself to give my best without hurting myself and to have fun.  Coaches Sherwin and Zeb gave me tips on how to do the final WoD.
When the clock started, I paced myself on the first round which was a 6 min AMRAP of 10 Hand release push ups, 10 Deadlifts and 200 Single unders. In a typical metcon, if I get tired, I would just stop and rest. But since this was a competition, I had to manage my reps. My mind was focused on giving my 101%, not counting how many reps I made or looking at my fellow competitors where they are as this could serve as distractions.
The second part of the AMRAP was rowing. I knew that I’m strong at rowing so I used my legs (and my height – I’m 5’7) to get through.
When I got to the last part – the Overhead squats and the ring row, I started to get tired. Coming from an knee injury, I know that I can’t compromise my form. I felt that all of us were lucky that we only used an empty bar (35 lb) because that was the hardest part. It felt like I was crawling my way to the finish line. The motivation from the coaches and my box mates helped a lot for me to get through the last round. When 18-minute mark came up, the first thought that came to my mind was “I survived and my knees don’t hurt!”.
Joining the NKITB completion made me realize what I am capable of doing mentally and physically. Having a great community behind me and cheering for me became my constant reminder on the commitment that I had when I joined the competition. And this is what I love about Crossfit.