GO, Charles!

I joined NKITB to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone, experience doing WoDs with co-CFMNL athletes, and show the results of our hard work in our daily WoDs. I also did this for my coaches, who saw the potential in me and motivated me to join.The qualifiers were surprising. You’ll never know what to expect. You’ll say, “Yes, buti yan” or “No, bakit yan” but you have no choice but to do it. Afterwards you’ll realize “ok na kaya? Binuhos ko na lahat”  or “I-reredo ko yan, kasi kaya ko pa”. The good thing about the qualifiers is that you must be able to do all the movements. We trained to be prepared and give our all. Giving it my all and finishing the WoD knowing that the greatest enemy I’ll ever face is myself is one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever encountered.

NKITB will always be a day to remember. I’m blessed that I’ve been given a chance to join this competition. The experience was incomparable. It was nerve-wracking yet enjoyable. One of the best experience is seeing your co-athletes giving their best during the WoDs then hearing the community cheer for each and everyone of us to finish strong. Hindi ko alam bakit mas lumalakas, nailalabas mo yung inaakala mong hndi mo mailalabas. I was surprised that I was able to churn out even more than what I was hoping for.

That day was like a roller coaster ride of emotions. Even days before the competition I already felt the excitement and was quite nervous. Maraming gumugulo sa isip ko and I need to set them aside. Upon waking up on the competition day, I said to myself “This is my day!” but mas nangibabaw ang kaba kesa sa excitement. Arriving at CFMNL-MOA, seeing the people, co-athletes, coaches talking, getting ready, warming up, time went by so fast that it made me feel more excited and more nervous. I kept telling myself “this is it, FOCUS”. Seeing and knowing that everyone is enjoying and giving their best made me realize that I should give it everything I’ve got as well.

Finally, the moment to shine came. When I started warming up, my nerves kicked in, hindi mapakali but coaches and co-athletes kept on motivating me. Sabi ng coach ko bago mag simula “tumingin ka lang sa isang point, sa akin ka lang makinig, hayaan mo yung iba, FOCUS!” those words were the only things running through my mind. When it started, I heard a lot of voices, screams, cheers – but I was only fixated at my coach. I did everything I could with maximum effort. Thank God I finished. Every single drop of sweat and all the hard work were all worth it.